Community Partners with

Live Like Locals Savannah

Why become a community partner?

Live Like Locals wants to engage with the community by creating family friendly cultural events and providing engaging media content that helps UNITE Savannah.

There are organizations and cultural groups in Savannah with incredible missions. Sadly, many have a hard time breaking barriers and engaging with the larger community. Our goal is to work together to bridge gaps, create opportunities and bring as many people TOGETHER as possible.

What are we prepared to offer you?

Live Like Locals would like to offer you the opportunity to get in front of the community through the events that we creating every month in Savannah. We’ll provide you the space, create media content and help promote you through our digital marketing platforms. 

What do we want from you?

In return, we want you to help share our events and help grow the attendees at each of them. This creates a winning situation for all organizations and cultural groups that wish to reach the thousands of locals that are currently in Savannah. Together we can help the community discover valuable resources and gain exposure to the traditions, foods, and music of other cultures. 

What Live Like Locals can offer

  • ACCESS TO OUR AUDIENCE: We’ll use our 30,000+ monthly reach to help promote your services and/or organizational information.
  • VENDOR OPPORTUNITIES: We’ll provide you with FREE space to our events, which can potentially put you in front of thousands of local residents, and include you in monthly promotional efforts
  • DIGITAL MARKETING: We’ll include you in our digital marketing, web, social and email.
  • VIDEOS: We’ll create videos to help with reaching people on various social platforms
What we do

How you can be a true partner

  • EVENT PROMOTION: Help promote our events by socially sharing, posting announcements, distribution of promotional cards, including our events on your website, and sharing our events though your email and social marketing efforts.
  • INVITE: Promote your attendance at our events.
  • ADD VALUE: Help create workshops and public presentations that help inform and entertain during our events.
  • MONTHLY COMMITMENT: We’ll work together to create your organizations monthly commitment. 
what you do

Together we can bring information and fun events that includes all  cultures, genders and ethnicities in Savannah