Live Like Locals Savannah Market
@ Eastern Wharf – Four Events in 2024

Welcome to the Live Like Locals Savannah Market @ Eastern Wharf

Step into the Eastern Wharf’s dynamic atmosphere where Live Like Locals Savannah is bringing a video production set to capture Savannah. Against the serene backdrop of the Savannah River, we’ll conduct interviews and showcase businesses, both pre-recorded and live.


As a vendor, you could be featured in our footage as we roam the market, interacting with visitors and adding to the lively atmosphere. Be prepared to showcase your business.

Join us for a day of connection and community at the Market @ Eastern Wharf.

The dates are:  

live like locals savannah - river street - market

Why decide to vend at the Eastern Wharf Market?

  • The Savannah River backdrop is a perfect opportunity to rediscover downtown, plus adding a Sunday Farmer’s market adds to that local Savannah feel.
  • We’re working on theming each weekend with a Luau weekend, Bollywood theme and a Latin theme weekend. Our events are more than just a market. They’re a destination.
  • We’ll be heavily marketing this event through our video projects and social media advertising and with the Eastern Wharf.

Step One

NOTE: The City Of Savannah imposes stricter vendor rules than our other locations. Even if you have previously been approved by us, you must still comply with all City of Savannah business regulations.

Vendors that are approved are craft, candles, soaps, hand-made jewelry, farmers, cottage kitchen food makers, desserts, seasonings, pet treats & accessories, etc. If you are unsure of whether or not your business qualifies, feel free to fill out the application and we’ll review it.

If you have been approved to vend at another event and are unsure if you qualify for this event, please reach out before paying.

Please make sure that you have become a qualified vendor before signing up to one of the vendor spots below. You only need to be approved once for any Live Like Local events. (Vendor’s Wanted Link)

Eastern Wharf Market Dates:

The dates are:  

What will I need to participate at the Eastern Wharf?
Weight Requirements for Tents

You are required to have 75 lb. weights per leg of a 10×10 tent.

You will have access to a water spigot onsite to fill water bags or pails.

Tent Requirements
  • All tents must be WHITE.
    If you have a branded tent canopy, please send us a picture for review and approval before paying for a space.
  • You must have four white side walls to install at the end of day 1.
Overnight Instructions

Tents will NOT remain onsight overnight. Given that we’re now allowing vendors to set up for one day only, everyone will break down on Saturday. If you are vending both days, you will set up each morning.

As we grow this market and have more vendors vending both days, we will have an overnight option to include security at night. Vendors will be notified when this becomes an option.


Step Two

Once you know that your approved to vend in at the Market @ Eastern Wharf, select the option below that best fits your 2024 vending goals.

The following categories will have limits and will be placed on a waiting list. 

No longer accepting permanent jewelry, Honey vendors, or CBD companies.

Those categories are filled.

Makers, Artisans & Pre-packaged food vendors

Use coupon code WHARF100 for $100 off registration.

Eastern Wharf Market 
Individual Event Selection

Eastern Wharf
One Day Event Selection

Eastern Wharf
ALL 4 Events
Save $250

Small Busineses, Food Vendors & Trucks

Use coupon code WHARF100 for $100 off registration.

Eastern Wharf Market 
Individual Event Selection

Eastern Wharf
ALL 4 Events
Save $350


Farmers are welcomed to attend our event, particularly during the Sundays Farmer’s Market

Eastern Wharf Market
Saturday & Sunday Registration – $100
Sunday Only – $50